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Stephen Pierce, Member

Stephen Pierce was born in Brattleboro, Vermont and in 1950 moved with his parents to Paris.   Stephen’s father was part of the team that started UNESCO and remained with them for 31 years.  During that time they moved frequently including spells in Iran and Thailand.  It was during that time when Stephen made his first trips to Cambodia; a country with which he developed a profound relationship which continues to today.   Stephen graduated from Columbia University in 1968 amidst the historic riots.  Stephen joined JP Morgan in 1971 and spent many years with them between NY and Paris.   In 1998 Stephen became the Managing Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in France, a lobbying organization for American corporate interests in France and retired in January 2007. Immediately upon retirement, Stephen left for Cambodia where he worked for three months as an advisor to the Cambodian Microfinance Association, which coordinates the microfinance institutions there. He has returned every year since 2007, setting up the American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia, and more recently as Senior Advisor to First Finance PLC, a microfinance institution which specializes in mortgage loans for first home acquisition for the poor.  In addition, Stephen is on the board of Octuor de France, Europe’s only permanent chamber music organization which has annual tours throughout Europe and to America.  Stephen is married to Catherine Calvé, has three grown children and in his spare time, sings with a Paris based chorus.