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Olden New Golden Blue

In a new ceremony, five young Cambodians of a pivotal generation embody and synthesize contradictory ways of being in a contemporary Cambodian society of opposing currents. Tradition/experimentation, preservation/evolution, nostalgia/future-focus, spirituality/materialism, and public exhibition/private introspection collide and merge briefly in this new work by Peter Chin, created in collaboration with the Cambodian artists.

A new work by Peter Chin; produced by Tribal Crackling Wind in collaboration with Amrita Performing Arts.

Production credits    
Choreographer   Peter Chin
Performers   Chey Chankethya, Chy Ratana, Chumvan Sodhachivy, Phon Sopheap,
Noun Savitou
Composer   Peter Chin in collaboration with the musicians “Sner Borisoth” by Sin Sisamuth remixed by ‘Peanut’
Musicians on recording   Sakkona Ieng, Vutha Ip, Peter Chin
Final editing and mastering   Garnet Willis
Costuming   Peter Chin
Lighting Designer   Arun Srinivasan
Rehearsal Assistant   Heidi Strauss
Text   The dancers and Peter Chin

Original production commissioned by the CanAsian Dance Festival and premiered in February 2011 at the Harborfront Theater Center in Toronto.