Our Work

  As World Dance Alliance Asia Pacific Cambodian chapter Chair, Amrita works to set up WDA projects in Cambodia and submit articles to their newsletter.  Amrita is also responsible for disseminating information about dance in Cambodia with the WDA network and operating as a point of contact for overseas dancers and choreographers wanting to work in Cambodia.
  International Network of Contemporary Performing Arts is a membership organisation which exists to stimulate the quality, development and contexts of contemporary performing arts in a global environment.  As a network member we aim to attend at annual meetings and where appropriate, produce events in Cambodia on behalf of the network.
  Beyond the Apsara: Celebrating Dance in Cambodia
This book celebrates and documents the resurgence of dance in Cambodia after the fall of the Khmer Rouge and the infamous Pol Pot regime. It honors the remarkable commitment of the few remaining masters of the art of dance who are reviving and preserving the famous classical dances, as well as the courage and resolution of young artists who are imaginatively pursuing their passion to forge new paths in contemporary dance. It features articles from eminent writes as well as interviews with numerous leading dance performers.

You can buy the book in Cambodia at Monument Books, Phnom Penh (#111 Norodom Boulevard), in their online shop or on other online booksellers.