Our Work


The Creation stream of work focuses on 18 young Cambodian artists and developing their capacity as contemporary dancers and choreographers. We develop opportunities for intensive training in various forms of international contemporary technique and expression in order to create a new generation of cutting-edge work, deeply rooted in the traditions of their classical training.


“What has so far come out of [the Contemporary Dance Platform] is Cambodian choreography that speaks to the experience of the country’s increasingly connected youth while remaining firmly anchored in the country’s dance tradition” – Michelle Vachon, The Cambodia Daily

Amrita Performing Arts is the leading organization in professional production management working in Cambodia. This work enables us to generate income through service provision to partner organizations and develop the capacity of the sector in this area.


In order to develop opportunities for new works to be presented, an important role of Amrita’s is to network internationally and raise the profile of Cambodian contemporary dance internationally. Through membership of several networks and alliances we aim to represent Cambodian contemporary dance and theatre and develop international workshop and presenting opportunities for our associated dancers and the wider dance community.