Mekong Review, November 2016
  Q&A with Kang Rithisal
AsiaLIFE, January 2014
  A Question of Dance
Cambodia Daily, November 2013
  Dance: a dirty word?
The Advisor, November 2013
Leaving Legacy Intact
The Cambodia Daily,
September 2013
  such physical and emotional intensity and core power
Ballet Review, Summer 2013 (p42)
  the clearest, most visceral elaboration of artistic transformation I have seen
Today Online, October 2013
  an assured, unflinching exploration of the notion of humanity
The Straits Times, October 2013
Cultures Connect: Japanese choreographer stages Hindu tale in Phnom Penh
The Cambodia Daily, July 2013
  In the footsteps of a Hindu epic
The Phnom Penh Post, July 2013
  Extracting 21st century ethics from the world’s most spectacular epic
The Advisor, July 2013
  mimicry, charm and virtuosity throughout
The New York Times, April 2013
inventive reinterpretation of traditional Khmer dance...
The Phnom Penh Post,
March 2013
  the tension between tradition and modernity, is strongly reflected in the movement esthetics
Jury Statement;
ZKB Patrongage Prize…
September 2012
  Performing Art Heritage steps into a new future…
The Phnom Penh Post,
September 2011
  New dance show goes all male, all monkey
7 Days, The Phnom Penh Post,
September 2011
They have this ability to move a certain way, to do certain things that nobody else can do
The Cambodia Daily,
August 2011
  It was an intercultural collaboration that worked – and that’s rare these days
The Nation, June 2011
  A somatic piece that breathes through the pores, skin and soul of its six dancers
The Inkpot review, May 2011
  Forward from the Past.
Gig magazine, April 2011
the delight of this piece was the fusion of both worlds
The Globe and Mail,
February 2011
  Phuon and the dancers enlighten us about the style while investigating how private emotions and more relaxed contemporary customs mught take it in new directions.
The Village Voice,
July 2010